Tips On How to Keep Your High Mileage Vehicle Running Smoothly - Wieelz

Oil Change

Changing your car’s engine oil is one of the best ways to keep it running better for longer. If your vehicle’s engine is the heart, you can think of the oil as its lifeblood. With that said, you should change its oil and use something recommended for high-mileage vehicles.

Fluids Check

Vehicles have a variety of fluids that ensure optimal performance. As such, you should inspect the levels of transmission, coolant, power steering, and brake fluid in your car – topping off any depleted ones. It is important to note that abnormally low levels of fluids may point to a leak. Remember to adhere to the recommended schedule when it comes to topping off fluid levels.

Inspect And Check Belts and Filters

You can ensure efficient combustion by replacing or cleaning dirty or old air filters. Also, be sure to check and replace any belts that may also be showing signs of wear and tear.

Check The Tires

Always keep your vehicle’s tires in good condition. Regularly rotate the tires to prevent uneven wear; and always make sure that they are inflated to the right air pressure. It is also important to inspect the tires for any sort of damage, like punctures, and have them repaired as soon as possible.

 Battery Check

You will not be able to start your car if the battery is damaged. To keep the battery in excellent condition you need to regularly check wires and terminals and ensure that there is no salt formation.


The tips above will help you maintain your high-mileage car in the best condition possible. For professional assistance in keeping your vehicle in the best condition even after accumulating a lot of miles, take it to “WIEELZ AUTO SERVICES” for a complete check-up.

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