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Wieelz car repair Expert is an on-site maintenance service established since 2019.

We have fleet of more than 100 units of well-equipped customized mobile service van to provide on-site service as per the customer needs.

We have designed and established a user-friendly customer platform called Wieelz.

A dedicated call center to understand the exact requirements in order to provide proper spare parts.

Modern air conditioned mega service center equipped with all facilities required to perform all kind of automotive work for all brands.

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A fleet of more than 100 Units of well-equipped customised mobile auto repair vans

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a fleet more than 100 units of well equipped customized car repair vans

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Your vehicle’s battery is an essential electrical component that stores the power required to keep it running. It will not start if you have a dead car battery (one that has no power).

How do you know if your car battery is dead or weak?

2. An issue with the battery connection.

If the wire connections on the vehicle battery are ripped or loose, your car will not start. The vehicle will not start if the connectors are corroded as a result of deep battery corrosion.

3. Defective Alternator.

The alternator, another electrical component, is a generator that distributes electricity to the car and recharges the battery.


If your car won’t start but your battery is fine, it’s likely that your alternator is broken.


This is a charging system issue, similar to a dead battery, that prevents you from starting your car.

What Could Cause the Check Engine Light to Turn On?

The reasons cause the check engine light to turn on are limitless. This engine light is an essential component of your car’s on-board diagnostic system. your car’s computer will turn on the warning light Every time an issue with the powertrain (engine, gearbox, and associated components) is discovered that potentially result in an increase in exhaust emissions.

What we can tell you is that the check engine light comes on for powertrain-related problems. Issues with, say, your antilock braking system will trigger the ABS light, rather than the check engine light.

as a matter of fact, nowadays, because various parts of a vehicle are closely interrelated, in some rare cases, a problem within one subsystem (e.g., the antilock brakes) can trigger warnings in another subsystem (e.g., the powertrain). Accordingly most part, the check engine light means there’s a problem somewhere in the powertrain or related components.

Altogether Meaning of Check Engine Lights: Solid vs. Flashing

Afterwards check engine light meaning can vary depending on whether it is a solid or flashing light.

Weather the engine check light is solid or flashing, it means that an issue has been detected. But if your engine check light is flashing, there is a serious issue that needs your urgent attention. To avoid severe damage, it is important to call a mechanic as soon as you see a flashing light.